This book is no fiction. The motive behind its birth is to present certain facts which have hitherto remained unknown, and thereby keep the records straight. The narrative concerns the Niger Delta Volunteer Service, its exciting operations and their consequences.


Shortly after Nigeria's attainment of independence, this vast country of 55,000,000 people (in the nineteen-sixties) was besieged by almost all known social vices: tribalism, corruption, avarice, falsehood, et cetera. These vices undermined national cohesion and progress. It was a debauched society into which a Christian or an Islamic youth was born unprotected.

The circumstances posed a crucial question: was Nigeria ripe enough for independence at the time the British left? The main event of this book - the uprising in the Niger Delta which it was my destiny to lead - was just one of the bubbles in the rough sea of early post-independence Nigerian politics. This book, besides affording me the opportunity of writing my own story, is in a way an attempt to recapture the political doldrum in which Nigeria was at that time.

- Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro.

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