Know About The Short History Of A Beautiful Stone Turquoise

If you have some knowledge on gemstones, you perhaps have not overlooked the stunning stones with a blend of green and blue hues. These stones are named as turquoise. In different places of this world, you may find the existence of turquoise cabochons. However, it is in Europe, where this stone was availed for the first time.

turquoise stone

Turquoise in USA market

Though many of the American jewelry makers like to deal with turquoise of their own country, the major part of this stone, available in American market, has its origin in China. These turquoises may be seen in variety of qualities and colors.

Many of these stones are unprocessed and natural, and they are known to the users in various names. In fact, the names have been attributed according to the pit or mine, from which this gem was dug out. Though the matrix and color may differ slightly, most of the output of mines have similar look.

Let’s know about old turquoise

In the past, some miners stocked the coarse quality turquoise stones for many years because the market at that period did not give it high value. However, in due course, there has been an increasing interest, found in the turquoise market. So, all the past stocks have been found out by the present miners. But, the prices of those old stones were little high.

Thus, if you are eager to use turquoise cabochons, it is better to know its history. The original stone, bought from right stores, may give high value to you.

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