Flatbed Towing- When Should The Towing Companies Use It

Whenever you need to get in touch with any towing agency, you perhaps ask various questions about their service. The most important issue to you is that type of trucks they are going to use for your towing purpose. Often, you heard about two options- one is the flatbed, while the other one is dolly. However, towing services in Glendale AZ choose flatbed systems in some of the specific cases, which are discussed now.

man repairing car

Much distance is to be covered

While you want to reach a site, which is quite remote from the present site, your towing company may not use a simple dolly. Your car perhaps has the possibility to get deteriorated from rocks, potholes or some other debris on the road. So, the towing experts apply their flatbed system that allows your car not to be in touch with the floor. Your automobile will surely stay safe from any kind of damage. Especially, if it is a luxurious car, the towing professionals try to choose the best options.

The car is extremely weighty for dolly

A traditional dolly system is able to haul a car of a particular weight. It may not tow any huge truck or SUV, which is large in size. Sometime, a minivan, filled with weighty cargo, cannot be towed with this system. So, flatbed may provide you with the best solution. All the heavy weights can easily be hauled with the help of flatbed. Almost all the towing services in Glendale AZ have this type of facility to help their customers. Your heavy car may stay completely safe.

Completely junk vehicle

While you have called a towing service after facing car mishap, flatbed system seems to the best option to choose. The automobiles, which have become damaged and scratched at the front or rear parts, may not be hauled with dolly. All the old, corroded structures of vehicles are removed with the application of flatbed.

Costly luxury vehicles

Your classic vehicles are your asset as you have invested much to buy them. Thus, while you need to transport them to other place, you don’t want to take any risk. So, dolly is not preferred for this type of towing. With flatbed, there is no such chance of scratching your car’s body at any time.

Thus, flatbed systems are essential for many cases to keep your vehicle safe.

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