Common Therapies For Sex Addiction

Sex is a natural thing to do. Many doctors and physicians in London recommend having sex for a healthy and better life. But many people find it difficult to control their sex urges and are considered as a sex addict. Sex addiction is very similar to any other addiction such as drug addiction, alcohol addiction. But sex addiction is treated in a completely different manner in which no medication is involved. There are many different types of therapies available to deal with your sex addiction problem. So, if you are experiencing sex addiction problems, then you should consult London sex addiction therapist.


  • Individual Therapy: Individual therapy begins with only you and the therapist working on your sex addiction disorder. These individual sessions include identifying your weak spots, making the work plan to deal with your sexual urges, undergoing the prepared plan, and sharing the result with the therapist.
  • Group therapy: Group therapy includes 7-8 persons who are suffering from sex addiction problems, a therapist to guide and assist them. It’s more like a group discussion in which a number of people share their opinions and feelings about something. Group therapy includes sharing of the thoughts and feeling with each other that is beneficial for controlling your sex addiction.
  • Couple therapy: Couple therapy is for those couples who are suffering from sex addiction. Sex addiction can seriously affect their relationship and can tear them apart. Couple therapy is done so that they can carry on with their relationship while dealing with sexual addiction urges.

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